Things You Should Know

  • If you are interested in joining please come to one of our meetings.
  • Business meetings are usually on the last Saturday of each month (check calendar).
  • The “Calendar” page of our website lists all our events as well as other local car events.
  • You will receive permanent name badges on which you can have your Corvette’s photo put on the back side after your first year’s dues are paid.  Contact our VP of Membership.
  • You are now entitled to certain discounts and special pricing from selected vendors.  See the “Trusted Vendors” page.
  • Your annual dues are $75 (for both families and individuals).  Contact Treasurer for details or if you have questions.
  • Club by-laws are posted on the “About Us” menu tab.
  • The website is updated weekly on Monday nights.
  • You can change your car photo anytime and as often as you want.  Contact the WebMaster.