About Us

Hello and thank you for cruising by to check out Generations Corvette Club of the Carolinas!  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Corvette club founded on FUN.  We are so committed to having fun that it’s in our by-laws! (Article I, Section 2).

Generations Corvette Club has a diverse membership.  We are as diverse in the generations of our members as we are in the generations of Corvettes that we own.  At Generations Corvette Club, we welcome every Corvette made.  It does not matter if it just came off the showroom floor, a rolling restoration, a daily driver, or garage queen.  We love and welcome them all!  We also welcome every owner from those of you who are new to the Corvette experience to those who are seasoned Corvette owners.

Generations Corvette Club encourages and promotes the ”Corvette Lifestyle” by planning activities for the Corvette owner to take part in at whatever comfort level you choose.  We strive to have activities that appeal to those who live and breathe the Chevrolet Corvette as well as those who just are happy having the legend parked in their garage.  Some of our activities include day trips, weekend trips, car shows, parades, educational car care days and events that support local charities.  When you look at our event schedule, remember that much of the fun in having a Corvette is the fellowship with other owners.  I cannot stress enough that this club belongs to the members, and I encourage every member to take part in it by bringing new ideas for things to do and experience as a group. 

Our meetings are usually the last Saturday of each month in various places around the Charlotte area and are always held in conjunction with a driving or a social event.  The location for each meeting and event details will be announced on the club website under “Events Calendar” or “Hot Topics”, or both.  Please check the website often as it is the best way to keep up on the events and happenings of the club.

Please feel free to come to any event, meeting, dinner, or road trip and check us out.  The more the merrier is the philosophy at Generations.  You will find we do not discriminate when it comes to Corvettes.  We love every Corvette, and we welcome every “generation” of Corvette owner also.  We have members in their 30’s to their 70’s and every age in between. 

I look forward to meeting you in person at one of our many events.  And remember, at Generations Corvette Club: it’s the car that gets you here, but it’s our people that keep you here.


Generations Corvette Club of the Carolinas
PO Box 1181
Harrisburg,  NC  28075-1181